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The Netherlands
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    Vision Consort operates on several principles that are central to our approach:

    Multidisciplinary Consortium
    The name Vision Consort is derived from a group of people (the Consort), who share the same vision in relation to consultancy in the area of process improvement. A Consort is a group of professional musicians who based on their own area of expertise play music together, vocally or instrumentally, listening to each other. This is the way in which Vision Consort operates: all our consultants have their own area of expertise, thereby contributing to the improvement goals of our clients. We share this expertise with our clients and train them: together we create balance and invite our clients to participate in this process of continuous and evenly-matched interaction.

    Respect for Culture of Organisations
    To change means having to let go of old habits and to learn new ones. This is the reason why process improvement also involves cultural change. People within an organisation will have to learn how to work a different way. This is a difficult process. In order to facilitate this process as much as possible, Vision Consort always opts for an approach that fits your organisation and your specific situation. It is an approach that is characterised by our respect for your organisation and its culture. We always try to maintain the uniqueness and culture of your organisation as much as possible.

    Solid Business Case
    It is important that the intended aims in relation to process improvement are clear. There should be a business case for each change: any change should contribute to the business aims in a clear manner. Our final aim is to improve the development processes of our clients in relation to their business aims in such a way, so as to improve not only these processes, but also the organisation as a whole.

    (Management) Commitment
    A precondition is that the management of an organisation recognises the problem as such and is prepared to cooperate in relation to changing the organisation. In other words, management must actually be involved in, and committed to, such change, in both word and deed.

    Knowledge Transfer and Successful Change Guaranteed
    Ensuring that change is successful is essential. Changes are only successful if they keep producing results after Vision Consort has left and are improved on an ongoing basis by organisations themselves. We share our expertise with you and train you, so as to ensure that you can improve your own processes to reach their required levels. In brief, our aim is to transfer knowledge and to implement a permanent improvement culture, so that your organisation can continue without us. Our clients need to learn for themselves how best to solve any issues the next time they arise.

    Invariant Processes
    Changes affect established ideas and views and create a certain amount of instability. However, our basic assumption is that not everything can change. Some things will remain the same. We view the processes themselves as invariant to organisational change. Yet the way in which these processes have been designed can be changed. Invariants, those things that do not change, are well-suited to changing organisations, as well as to the people who work within them. Invariants provide security and something to hold on to.