Vision Consort bv
Burg. Wittestraat 26
5616 DB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Telefoon: +31 (0)40 2525292
Telefax: +31 (0)40 2572195



Route description Vision Consort Belgium

    Our office in Brussels is located at the Vrijheidsplein / Place de la Liberte near the Column of the Congress, north of the Parc de Warande / Parc de Bruxelles. For a map

    By car:

    Best you enter Brussels through the Wetstraat / Rue de la Loi, or follow Brussels centre until you are on the small Ring around the centre (also called the Pentagone) where you take the exit Wet / Loi.
    At the end of the Wetstraat / Rue de la Loi, (when you have passed the House of Parliament on your right and the Parc de Warande at your left), turn right (Koningsstraat / Rue du Roi)
    After 450 m turn right (Voorlopig Bewindstraat / Rue du Gouvernement Provisoire)
    After 100 m turn right (Verenigingsstraat / Rue de lĠAssociation)
    After 70 m you arrive at Vrijheidsplein / Place de la Liberte