Vision Consort bv
Luchthavenweg 81 234
5657 EA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
Telefoon: +31 (0)40 2525292
Telefax: +31 (0)40 2572195



Areas of Expertise


    Vision Consort has already established a solid track record with several organisations. We are able to provide companies with the opportunity to benefit from our experiences. Our results include the following:

    • Assisting the first Belgian organisation in reaching CMM level 3
    • Assisting a Dutch bank in reaching CMM level 2
    • Assisting an automotive supplier in reaching CMM level 2
    • Running process market workshops in CMM 2 and CMM 3 organisations
    • Assisting a components supplier in implementing 6-s
    • Project management of an FDA certification project
    • Organising a workshop on architectures for product lines
    • Conducting practically-oriented research in the following areas:
      • Implementation of several competitive standards
      • Commitment of middle management within change programmes
      • (Process) architectures
      • Requirements Classification for product lines
      • Critical Chain project management
      • Networked economy and CMM-I


    Our consultants can perform various functions within your organisation:

    • Adviser to Senior Management
    • Adviser to Middle Management
    • Coach of Programme Managers
    • Coach of Project Managerss
    • Trainer
    • Assistant to improvement trajectories
    • Working group leader / Coach of improvement teams
    • Quality Assurance Officer
    • Configuration Manager
    • Assessor
    • Workshop facilitator
    • Technical support in relation to the implementation of improvement approaches

    Expertise and Experience

    When performing these functions, we make use of our specialised expertise and experience in the following areas: