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Quality Management

    Quality Management means continuously improving and assuring the quality of your organization and the products and/or services you provide. We achieve this by creating a synergy that is the result of identifying common aims and bottlenecks, as well as structurally documenting, assuring and improving the (quality) management processes with all parties involved. For this purpose, we use international and sector-specific quality models, standards, as well as rules and regulations.

    Trying to implement any improvements without adequate instruments for quality assurance is unlikely to be successful. The assurance that Vision Consort can offer comes in the form of providing you with temporary support by way of a Quality Manager or Quality Officer. In this regard, we perform audits and assessments, moderate reviews, undertake risk and estimate sessions, as well as project evaluations.
    We provide your management with a clear overview of the status of the projects within your organisation and will provide improvement proposals.

    Quality assurance exists so as to come to correct agreements (with clients and management) and to ensure that such agreements are observed. It differs from tests in the sense that quality assurance has a more managerial/service-based focus instead of looking merely at technical aspects as often happens with tests.