Vision Consort bv
Burg. Wittestraat 26
5616 DB Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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Company Profile

    Vision Consort is an independent consultancy company that specialises in process improvement for industry, ICT and government sectors. In particular, we ensure the identification, definition and optimisation of development processes. We take great care in successfully guiding our clients through the improvement process, from strategic to operational levels, with the aim of transferring our expertise.

    Not only does Vision Consort provide consultancy services for organisations, but we also use an integrated approach for implementing the solutions that we have agreed with you. As a result, Vision Consort advises and assists organisations with the implementation of improvement programmes by using reference models and standards such as SPICE, CMM(i), DSDM, ISO 12207, Prince2 and IEEE.

    We carry out assessments, develop improvement programmes, assist with implementation from senior management down to the shop floor, coach our clients' employees, and measure the success of the implementation. In order to ensure that all of this is successful, we have developed specific areas of competence and various models, but also use our detailed knowledge of current and future processes.

    Vision Consort was established in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, in 1994. In addition to the office in Eindhoven, we have an office in Brussels, Belgium.

    Vision Consort's original strength lays in the area of Software Process Improvement (SPI). This term refers to improvements within process and project areas that aim to improve the quality, productivity and predictability of software development, software purchase, and software management. Together with our clients we have expanded our range of improvement methods, so as to include the product creation process.

    Product development is a highly specialised skill. Having such skill is a good thing, but it is not sufficient on its own to survive in our current world of multifaceted business environments. Projects are often large and complex. It is not always easy to develop high-quality products and/or services within the agreed time and budget. This can be even more difficult if specific parts require the services of third parties, either within the same country (subcontracting/outsourcing) or overseas (offshoring). The effects are well-known: projects exceeding time and budget, continuously changing client demands and specifications, excessive maintenance, inadequate version management, lack of documentation, etc. All of these factors mean that development can come at a high price. This is in addition to clients having to face delays with supplies, high repair costs, as well as low-quality products.

    Vision Consort's expertise will improve the structure of your organisation. In cooperation with our consultants, you can rely on our long experience in starting up and supporting change projects for both large and small companies. We look forward to sharing our expertise with you, as well as helping you to find a solution that matches the needs and structure of your organisation.