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Process Improvement

    A process is a series of steps that are taken to achieve a specific aim. A process is something that people do, making use of procedures, methods and instruments, to transform raw material (inputs) into a product (output).

    The consultants of Vision Consort ensure that processes are clearly identified, defined and optimised. Together with our clients, we map the progress of current processes and identify areas requiring improvement. We then develop a detailed improvement plan for management, primary and secondary processes.

    Our reference base for process modelling includes, but is not limited to, the following: SPICE, ITIL, ISO 15504, CMM, CMMI, ISO 9000-2000, IEEE. Vision Consort has already adapted these reference models for application in various sectors. Adapting and tailoring processes to the needs of an organisation dramatically increases its effectivity and efficiency. In addition to existing models, Vision Consort also develops its own models in cooperation with its clients. For example, in order to reach CMM level3 in a SW development environment, we developed the SMILEY model with one of our clients, based on ISO and IEEE standards.