Vision Consort bv
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5657 EA Eindhoven
The Netherlands
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Process Alignment

    Vision Consort recognises that organisations continually need to develop their expertise in specific areas within the world of system and software development. One of the results of this approach is the development of a cooperative network between these organisations. In order for a smooth operation to take place between such organisations, they not only need to excel in their particular expertise, but must also perform as part of a network (networked economy). As a result, organisations need to manage both their internal processes, as well as the organisational and technical interfaces between their partners within the network.

    Vision Consort is an organisation that can assist you in reaching agreement in relation to processes situated at the interface between different areas of operation. Clear agreements must be made between all parties involved in relation to the work processes at these interfaces, so as to ensure that they connect in a harmonious way (at different levels, such as product, program and configuration management levels).