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    It all sounds wonderful: improvement, change, optimisation. However, without a structured collection and analysis of measured values such terms mean nothing. Organisations need to provide hard figures for any added value that may result from improvements made. The reason for this is that achieving quality costs a lot of time and effort. People within organisations can only cope with this if there are visible long-term gains. In order to keep staff within an organisation motivated, it is necessary to measure the progress of process improvement programmes.

    Vision Consort helps you with the design of a metrics programme that allows you to evaluate whether there has been adequate management of your projects, client requirements, maintenance costs and man-hours, as well as versions and documentation supplied by you. Simple values can be identified for measuring higher levels of quality, product reliability, as well as supply reliability. In addition, we can also help you with the advance identification and measurement of return-on-investment arising out of your improvement programmes by using a goal-question-metrics programme.