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Improving Ourselves

    Change and improvement management is not something that we only come across among our clients. We also come across it within Vision Consort. We need to grow and improve ourselves on a continuous basis in order to meet the needs of our clients and to provide them with the best possible service.

    In order to keep our expertise up-to-date, we participate in and give presentations at conferences and plenary sessions, such as at the Embedded Systems Conference of the European SEPG.

    In addition, we also carry out our own research into areas that relate to, or deal more in depth with, our areas of expertise. This is why we provide at least one year-long internship to students undertaking the final dissertation for their degree. All our staff is given ample opportunity for continuous professional development in a way that suits them, such as taking part in a training course or carrying out a study project. Every fortnight our staff meets to exchange ideas and suggestions. In addition to the daily events within Vision Consort, we also discuss and exchange our experiences in relation to bottlenecks and success factors among our clients. There is always room for improvement!